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PPE protective face shields

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Withernsea, HU19 2EQ
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Protective face shields manufactured in school

I’m sure that the Design Technology staff at Withernsea High school  are not alone at this time in giving some thought to what they may be able to do to help. There’s nothing worse than feeling you are helpless and unable to provide support  where  you can.  I know that many other staff and students have been equally frustrated and doing all they can to help where they can.

For our part, we were initially frustrated to see that other organisations were able to use their skills in 3D printing PPE protective face shields for the NHS and other users and that we were unable to follow suit.   We were fortunately saved by DATA - the Design and Technology Association - that was also following these developments closely and acted quickly to review a number of production options and approved a design for schools to work with. Having two laser cutters in school standing idle during this crisis provided the ideal opportunity to get involved and do our bit for the community along with others.

To date, in school, we have produced just over 700 of the face shields with more on the way. Though they are not CE approved items since they are produced in school, as a piece of PPE for use in the last resort where none other was available we have been surprised by the demand from across the area.

Many individuals and organisations across the country are trying to avoid using approved equipment that might diminish supplies to the NHS and care home front line but still need to protect their own workers through this period of great uncertainty.

We have been delighted that our small efforts here in school can at least make a contribution to this enormous shortfall in protective equipment with our masks going out to local care homes and regional providers, along with assisted living settings, home helps, home delivery drivers, shops and supermarkets.   It’s an endless list of people doing great work in the community working to support the public but unable to access the correct PPE for their setting.

We intend to continue producing the shields until the need diminishes which seems could be for some time yet. Currently the project materials are being funded by school since the priority is to get these shields manufactured and into circulation. Though the face shields are being provided free of charge for those who need them, any financial support that may be available locally would be most welcome and to support the current range of offers, we have set up a fund raising page so that this project can continue.

And of course, should you need access to some of this equipment then please do contact the school regardless of whether it’s a requirement  for one face shield or fifty. We’ll do what we can to help. Just contact the school office 01964 631133 or drop me an email at bullock@wscampus.net and we’ll get back to you.

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