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We are very grateful for the generosity of everyone who has donated so readily to our campaign to raise funds for some of the most vulnerable students at Sydenham School. We can’t believe that we exceeded our original target in the first 48 hours of going live.


The funds raised so far will help us to buy laptops and data packages for some of our students who are most in need. The Covid-19 crisis has hit these families really hard but has also drawn in other families who were previously managing.


So the campaign continues! We have raised our target to £10,000 and with your support we are really hoping we can achieve this.


Our aim in wanting to raise more money is two-fold:


1. To support the school's continuing deeply rooted drive to challenge inequality and close the achievement gap between those students who are disadvantaged and their peers. Equal access to technology is an important way of achieving this. We know that Covid-19 is likely to have increased this educational gap.
2. To support those students whose families have suddenly fallen into financial hard times because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


We know that by continuing with our fundraising campaign, we can do so much more. Thank you again for your support of the wonderful students at Sydenham School.


Right now, in these very difficult times, more families than ever are facing financial hardship. With parents and carers losing incomes, an increasing number of students and their families are in need of our support. The PTA has already donated £1,000 of shopping vouchers to support Sydenham School families, but we know we need to do more. Can you help?


While schools remain closed, Sydenham’s teachers have been providing an extensive programme of home learning. The school has provided many laptops to families who require them, but we know that there are still some students who don’t have access to a tablet/laptop or the internet. Although the government recently announced an initiative to provide some IT and data to disadvantaged students, we know that the majority in need will be excluded from this. As a result, we have students who are falling behind and who will continue to do so unless we take action as a community.


We urgently need your help to raise funds to make sure that all of our students can continue with their learning in these unprecedented times. 


We estimate we need to raise a minimum of £5,000 to help students who are currently suffering from financial hardship, making it difficult for them to afford basic needs, as well as digitally excluding them from accessing their education.


All contributions, however large or small, will go towards helping these students. If we raise more than we need, the surplus will go into a hardship fund to further support students in need once we return to school. 


Thank you for your generosity and understanding.

Sydenham School PTA

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