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IT Equipment for Children during Lockdown

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IT Provisions During Lockdown/Closure of School Bubbles

Access to IT equipment has become a necessity for children to continue with their education during lockdown. The reality is that many children struggle to access online learning resources because of a lack of access to basic IT equipment / online devices or because of the pressure on their home devices due to them having to be shared between children. As well as the risk of missing out on lessons, a lack of online access can also mean some children miss out on opportunities to stay in touch with their friends and teachers, and the sense of belonging gleamed from interacting with the school community.   

The school has recently applied for and received laptops from the DfE to support vulnerable families with remote learning but more IT equipment is needed.  Some families still do not have sufficient laptops, or adequate access to the Internet; other families with several school-aged children may only have one computer terminal for the entire family to use. 

Therefore, the St Thomas Becket Parents Association (STBSA) would like to raise some money towards providing IT equipment for those families that need additional digital support.

What Equipment is Required?

The STBSA would like to donate 30 Samsung Chromebook 4 – 11.6" to the school.  These laptops cost £299 per unit. 

Please note that while these devices will be loaned to families who require them during lockdown, they will also provide an additional IT resource for use by classes when schools have returned to normal.

What Can We Do to Help?

Please donate whatever money you can afford.  We appreciate that not everyone will be able to donate, but everyone can share our fundraising page this with friends and family and others who may be able to help. 

Let’s Get the Children Involved!

The children can also get involved in helping us fundraise.  Below the “donate button” on our campaign page, there is also a “Raise Sponsorship” button.  This means children can do sponsored activities to help support our fundraising efforts - maybe a sponsored walk, ride, scoot an number of miles, or learn something new?  All their fundraising would then funnel back into our main campaign. 

Thank you for your help and support.



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