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Project and Regular Donation Fundraising for Schools and Academies

Fund a Project or Collect Regular Donations

DonateMySchool offers two campaign types.

You can choose to collect one-off donations to fund a project with a specific target. Or you can collect regular donations for as long as you like.

Most schools have a wishlist of projects that require funding. If you are unsure of which campaign type to select then we would recommend creating a regular donation campaign. Collecting regular donations with DonateMySchool offers significant advantages:

1) The school (or PTA) receives a steady stream of donations regular donations and Gift Aid.

2) There is no need to start from scratch for each new campaign that requires funding. The fundraising momentum is maintained.

3) It is flexible. Anyone can still choose to make a one-off donation to your campaign for any amount, at any time.

4) DonateMySchool can run a “Boost” campaign from time to time in order to top up regular donations, for example to get the next item on the wishlist over the line.

5) Less work for you and the school! There are no Standing Orders or Direct Debits to set up and manage, all donations are made through our secure online platform, and we collect the Gift Aid for you.

Basic Service or Full Service

DonateMySchool offers two service levels:


Our Basic Service provides you with all of the tools to run your own successful crowdfunding campaign, and to collect donations through our secure online portal, including:

  • A full suite of tools to help spread the word of your campaign
  • A dedicated campaign webpage including photos and even a video
  • Easy, one-click social media sharing including Facebook and Twitter
  • A bespoke double sided campaign leaflet to print off and distribute
  • Real-time tracking and reporting on your campaign’s progress
  • We collect Gift Aid on your behalf - which can boost qualifying donations by 25%.
  • Marketing Fee of 3% of funds raised.


The Full Service is all of the Basic Service plus our professional team manage the campaign for you from inception to success. Our Full Service option recognises that it requires a major commitment in time to successfully raise funds. Our team of fundraising professionals will work with you to develop and refine the campaign message, and will deliver a structured comprehensive communication programme to the school and the wider community throughout the campaign, via digital, print, social media and press releases. Basically, we do all the hard work for you!

The Marketing Fee to enjoy the advantages of our Full Service is just 5% of funds raised.

Please choose your campaign type

Please select your preferred service level

follow these steps

how it works

1. Register

It’s free and easy.

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2. Tell us about your school

Provide details about your school and your fundraising campaign. Please include your charity number if possible - this helps us to claim Gift Aid on your behalf and could boost the value of donations by 25%.

3. Market your funding request to the parents, friends and even local businesses.

We create a dedicated webpage and a bespoke email and leaflet for your donation campaign. This includes specific information on any individual project and the amount you are looking to raise, or general information on how your school will use regular donations. You can easily keep track of how much has been raised at any time.

4. Accept single or regular donations to your campaign

Our secure website enables your community to make a single donation or to donate regularly. We verify the identity of all donators so that you know can have confidence as to the source of all funds.

5. Regular transfer of donations and Gift Aid directly to your bank account

If you are raising funds for a specific project then DonateMySchool will promptly transfer all donations at the successful completion of your campaign. If you are collecting regular on-going donations then these are transferred directly to your nominated bank account each month. In both cases, the amount transferred includes any Gift Aid received. All transfers will be subject to our competitive marketing fee of just 3% - and unlike some other donation platforms, there are no additional bank or legal charges to pay.

6. Keep informed

You receive a report each month so you can keep track of all donations and transfers to your school’s bank account. helps your school deliver an outstanding learning experience. Start your campaign now.

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