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donations last month : £ 5.00

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£ 150.00

Haverhill, CB9 0LD
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Samuel Ward Academy is a secondary school in Haverhill, Suffolk. With over 1,200 students, our aim is to offer each student the best foundation possible to reach their fullest potential. Our relentless focus of academic achievement, enrichment and pastoral support in a period of increasing financial challenge for schools has led us to prioritise many aspects of school above the outdoor environment. Consequently we don’t have nature spaces; we don’t have nice planting; we don’t have a pond; we don’t have outdoor shelters.

We are asking you to kindly donate to our school to allow us to further invest in the futures of our young people and provide them with the very best equipment, resources and opportunities. The first phase of this fundraising programme will be to help pupils through the emotional turmoil which may have been caused by the coronavirus pandemic, when they return to school. Our aim is to create a safe and inviting outdoor retreat area for pupils who may be feeling anxious during the school day. Providing a dedicated space to focus on relaxing the mind and body which will help the pupils to achieve their best during lesson time. We are looking to landscape the school grounds to add areas where children can grow fruit and vegetables and be at one with nature.

 Any donation, however small, will be greatly appreciated by the staff and students at Samuel Ward and will allow us to further improve the opportunities and resources that we can provide for our students. Future aspirations include providing an allotment area with some livestock encouraging a more diverse career opportunities for our children. We also endeavour to
provide more academic and career focused workshops; hiring professional speakers to inspire; improving our gymnasium facilities; 3D printers in DT and higher definition microscopes within our STEM facility.

We, as the Samuel Ward Academy Community, thank you kindly for supporting the educational experience of our students. If you wish to donate please click the blue Donate button at the top, right of this page. There is an option to give a one-off donation or to choose an option to spread your gift over several months by choosing the regular giving. This can be stopped by you at any time. All donations can attract Gift Aid, where appropriate.

Thank you


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