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The Campaign

We want to raise money to help Myatt Garden Primary School update its technology resources. 

Our Campaign target is £8,800 to purchase a smart-charging trolley and a set of 15 laptops.

These will be a key resource in the school’s continuing efforts to provide equal learning opportunities to all of its pupils. 

To that end, on July 3rd this year, three of us (‘Dads’ - as it happens) will be attempting to complete the Welsh 3000s Challenge – a hike through the Welsh mountains. 

Please donate to the Campaign and help the school to reach its fund-raising target!


The Walk

As the name alludes to – the Welsh 3000s Challenge is a recognised hiking route in Snowdonia National Park, taking you over all of the peaks higher than 3,000ft in Wales.

From start to finish the walk is 32 miles long with a total height gain of around 4,000m (12,000ft) – which is equivalent to climbing halfway up Mt Everest, and then coming down again. 

The Challenge is typically walked in three stages over three days. Sometimes that IS shortened to two days. It has been said that ‘only a fool’ would attempt it in a single day, but that is our aim. (You can draw your own conclusions). 

Given our advancing years – it is probably the hardest physical challenge that any of us has ever taken on.

We will begin walking at 4am on Saturday morning, from Pen-y-Pass at the foot of Snowden, and then, in three stages, climb each of the 15 mountains, ending some 22 hours later, in the dark at 2am on Sunday morning, somewhere at the foot of Foel-Fras. 

And that is if it goes to plan!


Our Motivation

Myatt Garden Primary is a Local Education Authority school in the borough of Lewisham in London. Like many other urban schools in the UK, it has pupils from a wide spectrum of social, cultural and economic backgrounds.

Over the last year, Myatt Garden has faced the extremely difficult challenge of trying to provide the same educational experience for all its pupils, whilst contending with wide disparities in access to technology, the internet, and a quiet space in which to work.

Valuable lessons have been learned about how technology can engage students and support learning, both at school and at home. Bolstering the school’s technology resources will enhance teaching and learning throughout the school, as well as empowering the children to use technology as a tool through computer lessons.

We are therefore seeking to raise £8,800 to purchase a smart-charging trolley and 15 laptops.


It is our hope that every child in our school can have a base level of access to technology to ensure equal educational opportunities, and that ‘levelling up’ technology access will be to the benefit of the whole school. 

For that we need laptops, and for those, we need funds. 

So, again, please donate to our Campaign and help three old fools to make it happen :)


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