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The Great Buxted Duck Race

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Uckfield, TN22 4BB
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A little duck told us that the children at Buxted C of E Primary School are in dire need of some new outdoor play and learning equipment so... we put our thinking quacks on, stuck our beaks together, got our ducks in a row and decided to hold the inaugural Great Buxted Duck Race, a virtual duck race encouraging extensive sponsor participation!

We have 12 ducks participating, each with their own very distinct personality - check out their profiles and choose the duck or ducks that best represent you to show your support for our campaign!

Watch our video to get an idea! https://youtu.be/4z-D6OeTBoA

There are three levels of support:

Individual Sponsor
You can show your support for the duck or ducks of your choice and help them access valuable training techniques, tips and nutrition by making a donation on this page and naming your duck in the message box. Everyone who sponsors the winning duck will be entered into a raffle to win our amazing prize - two nights midweek glamping at the superb Ashdown Forest Adventure Activity Club, including a stand up paddle boarding session for 2 people. The duck who raises the most money will also be awarded a prize so be sure to mention their name in the message box when you donate.
Suggested donation: £2 per duck, or if you want to hedge your bets, donate £20 for all 12 and write FULL HOUSE in the message box.

Business Sponsor
In the weeks leading up to the race itself, our ducks are looking for all the training tips, coaching and nutritional advice they can get. Do you have or know a small business who can help? If you can offer advice, practical help or just a chance for a bit of valuable 'me-time' for our ducks as they quack on with their gruelling training, we can offer you a promotional post across social media and local news showcasing your business, and how you have helped your duck. For more information please email buxtedducktator@gmail.com.
Suggested donation: £20 per duckdate.

Coaching Sponsor
What you get: As a coaching sponsor, you will take your duck under your wing and we will record your duck's journey, every paddle of the way as you coach them towards victory! At least three promotional duck-dates are included, and if your duck should win the race
Email buxtedducktator@gmail.com for more information.
Suggested donation: £50 per duckdate

The highest placed duck allocated to a school class will also win ice lollies, and their teacher will have to wear the Amusing Duck Hat for a day. Should the teachers' duck win... that's right, it's the teachers who get lollies and Mr Alexander gets The Hat.
There is also a prize for the title sponsor and the class of the duck who raise the most sponsorship money.  

Title Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that all of our ducks now have title sponsors!
Oak Class - Yolki Bear
Apple Class - The Yolker
Cherry Class - James Pond
Silver Birch Class - Quax Verflappen
Copper Beech Class - Captain Quack Sparrow
Willow Class - Caflappity Jane
Yew Class - Edwaddle Scissorwings
Buxted School Staff - Joe Quaxotic
Dukes Lettings - HRH Elizabeak Wingsor
Fuller & Scott Funeral Directors - Quacknip
Bignose & Beardy - Busby Bill
Love Baby Swim School - Bertie Beakeater

The race itself will be filmed, with a commentary from a celebrity guest, and will be released online during the week commencing the 19th July. Winners will be notified on or before 23/7/2021.

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