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Mylor Bridge, TR11 5SE
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Please help Mylor Play!

About our School:

Mylor Bridge School is a small, community centred, traditional school with a great ethos, committed teachers, fantastic children and a seemingly lovely location. However, we desperately lack outside space for our children to play. Over the years, and as pupil numbers have increased, we have eaten into the already limited outside areas we had. Unlike most village schools these days, we have literally no green areas, let alone a playing field. The children currently have a very uninspiring and small tarmac area on which to ‘play’. In days gone by, Mylor schoolchildren were able to utilise our local park but due to regulatory changes, staff numbers and the ever increasing demands of the National curriculum, their time outside is seriously limited.

We want to make sure that the time they do have outside is as enriching as it possibly can be. Major Government cutbacks and massive under funding for Cornish schools have left Mylor Bridge’s kids without the basic play equipment that other local schools have and even take for granted. Mawnan Smith, Devoran, Perranwell and the Falmouth Primary Schools all have green space and well equipped playgrounds. People assume it’s the same at Mylor, but it simply isn’t.

Children need to climb, jump, swing, balance and MOVE! With no greenery at our school, it is even more important that they have a playground that stimulates and challenges them. It is VITAL to their health and wellbeing and their ability to learn effectively.

Mylor Bridge is a special village with the community at its heart. We have a large and varied population with village halls, pubs, an amazing array of shops and services and a happy vibe. It is a kind and sharing community- lets work together to help our village school and invest in the future of the children living here. 

Our Playground Campaign:

We have a target of £15,000, which would provide wooden, hardy, professionally produced playground equipment. This money would be ring fenced and could incorporate bridges, climbing frames, balance apparatus and an ‘obstacle course’ around the perimeter of our tarmac netball court, transforming the daily school experience for our 142 children, especially those with Special Educational Needs.

We are calling on anyone and everyone to get involved, Individuals and business owners, parents, carers, grandparents and holiday makers. You may be born and bred in Mylor, have recently moved or retired here, spend all your time or only part of the year in our special village- whoever you are, maybe you can help our children- they really need it!

Any contribution would be hugely appreciated and will make a real difference to our children.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD…this is the nature of a crowdfunder- lets make this crowd swell…the larger the crowd, the more money we raise.

If you would like to visit the school to see our current playground provision, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Thank you!




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