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Lacon Childe School is a community school for our children, where everyone is welcome. We prepare our children for life after school with amazing opportunities and fabulous exam results and we are more than just a school.

Our school hall, however, is vintage (a polite term for it).  Old, tired and unsuitable for our pupil’s use is another!

We want our children to have the very best of facilities and we feel that they deserve it. Right now.

We are rural and poorly funded in comparison to other inner-city schools, but our children deserve to have the same modern facilities as within other communities.

The hall is at the heart of the school and is used for many things including:

·        our children take their exams in here

·        PE lessons

·        lunch

·        we meet as a school community during assembly time

·        drama and music productions

·        our primary schools use it

·        pre-school groups use it

Plus we always enjoy welcoming our local, retired community in for parties at Christmas

It is a really important area of our school and the wider community and far from up to scratch. 

Unfortunately, with the way school funding is at present we cannot fund its transformation from our day-to-day budget, so we really need your help please.

Your donations will help us to provide:

·        Retractable, staged seating for use in all sorts of events

·        High quality stage lighting

·        High quality sound system

·        Air conditioning – the hall is often uncomfortably stuffy, not good during exam season

·        A complete redecoration bringing life to the room

All so that our children can excel at whatever they want to do. Plus, as an incredible community asset which we can offer to reach further into our community as a valuable resource.

How can you help?

Please click the donate button and give what you can, signing up for gift aid if applicable. This will allow us to collect an extra 25% on top of your donation.

You will be able to choose whether to make either a one-off or a regular monthly donation. All is gratefully received.

Maybe you are a business or know a business that may wish to support us? Businesses can also make a donation via our campaign page. Please share this url and page details.

Please also spread our message and share our fundraising page with friends, neighbours, relatives and businesses.

With your generosity and the community spirit that we are so honoured to have we can do this and transform not just our school hall but the educational experience for all of our pupils.

A massive thank you to everyone who is able to help, please give generously. It will make a huge difference to the school lives of our children.

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