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Louise Gainard Lewis’s 10k Run £ 528.50
Christina Watson Amelie and Christ... £ 146.25
Lisa Date Grayson & Lisa’... £ 18.75

We are running a "10k for CCJ" event in the two weeks running up to February Half Term (29th Jan-12th Feb).

The idea was originally inspired by one of our year 5 pupils who kept himself (and his family!) fit during Lockdown 1.0 and set himself the admirable target of running a 10k for his 10th birthday (which falls within the above period) to raise some money for the school.

Let’s face it, we’re all struggling to keep our kids (and ourselves!) active due to Lockdown 3.0 falling in the middle of winter! However the positive impact of exercise on both physical and mental health cannot be underestimated. 

So we have joined forces with teachers at CCJ to challenge all our children and their families to complete 10k in whatever way they want over a two week period, and raise a little sponsorship money towards new play equipment for CCJ. Even raising just a few pennies can be a good motivator for them, but it is not essential. All children will receive a medal. 

Here are some ideas of things they may choose to do!

- Walk, scoot or wheel to school/park and back for 10 days.
- Cycle from Page Park to Lyde Green Park, do the dirt track and cycle back
- Run the Pomphrey Hill Park Run course twice
- Do the daily mile in school 6 times
- Do Ashton Court mountain bike trail
- Run/cycle/scoot/wheel the Page Park Junior Park Run course 5 times
- Run/cycle/scoot/wheel round King George V Playing Fields 14 times
- Go for two local walks for an hour each
- 2 Joe Wicks workouts per week for both weeks
- Run 10k in one go!

- Or a combination of any of the above!

It’s an event that can go ahead despite the Covid restrictions, and one that we hope will primarily promote both physical and mental wellbeing in children and adults during this difficult time.

We cannot do it all together but together we can do something positive and raise much needed funds for CCJ! 

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