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Learning from the impact of Coronavirus we realise, more than ever, how important it is that we support each other and our community now. Here at Firth Park Academy, we are opening our very own ‘Eco shop’, which will act not only as a shop but, also as a community Hub,  which will provide low cost food to people in our area who need it most. 

The idea of opening our ‘Eco food shop’, which will be staffed by volunteers including teachers, parents, and pupils, is to sell ‘intercepted food’ and ask you to ‘pay what you can’ or pay £2 for a box of groceries. The shop will be open to all the members of our community to drop in and support our new community initiative.

‘Intercepted Food’ - We have recently subscribed to a charitable scheme that redistributes food that cannot be used by the local supermarkets. This is good quality food, which unfortunately cannot be sold due to either the packaging being damaged in transport or a short shelf life. The food is of a high standard and will always be within the use by date. Keeping the shelves in our Eco-shop Shed fully stocked!

This food would have previously been destined for the landfill, but now these charitable schemes are redirecting this food to the communities who need it most. Our shop will have a significant, positive impact on reducing landfill and will mean that more families will have a choice of food to keep the weekly family meal menu as varied as possible.

To make this happen we firstly need to purchase a shed, which we will turn into our Eco Shop, as we need to have a space which will be situated just inside the Sicey entrance school gates and be equipped to receive, store, sell and redistribute the food safely. Our target is £1,300 to purchase and erect the shed in our school grounds.

So why crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a great way to hit a fundraising target through a group of people all coming together to put funds into the same pot and encouraging others to do the same. 

The larger the group or ‘crowd’ formed, the more money we raise so the key to any crowdfunding appeal is getting the message out there via all of our networks.

Please help us to make this possible by passing on the appeal details on your own social media network to family, friends and your other contacts to help spread our message. Every single donation helps and is gratefully received. 

To make a donation, please click on the DONATE button here. We can also claim Gift Aid, with consent, on your donation boosting the giving by 25%, when applicable.

Thank you for your support.  We truly appreciate the gift and it will really make a difference to our school.


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