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Play Your Part – Act Now!

As you may be aware, Eggar’s School is provided with a general grant by the Education Funding Agency, to provide education for our students. This amount is enough to cover basic provisions, as it is for all state schools and academies. Unfortunately, this funding does not normally cover the myriad of costs associated with the needs and demands of school life.

In order to achieve our goals in providing the best possible learning and extracurricular opportunities for our students we need to pro-actively fund-raise and seek grants.  As part of this, we believe we can work together to ensure ‘potential meets opportunity’, and as such would ask you to support by donating to our School Fund.

Our prime area for development is currently focused on our Performing Arts.  We have set ourselves the target of raising £100,000 to refurbish and extend our outdated Drama Studio and transform it into a stellar, state-of-the-art faculty.

Here’s the breakdown of what is required with initial estimates of the cost: -

£25,000 blank canvas (new flooring, ceiling, electrics, lighting, heating and a new entrance door with disabled access)

£15,000 concertina door to create x2 spaces

£20,000 storage area for props and exam desks

£10,000 classroom flexible furniture

£10,000 stage lighting / rigs

£10,000 black-out curtains

£5,000  teacher / office space

£5,000  entrance canopy and signage

These prices are subject to change, as we receive official architect drawings and quotes.

The school have already: -

·        worked tirelessly, over several years, to bring about a new state-of-the-art kitchen and refectory, which opened in April 2018 (thus creating the vacated kitchen space, which we are now planning to refurbish)

·        raised £7,000 for new staging (£4k PTA + £3k from Music and Drama performances)

·        received £1,000 from a private sponsor

·        secured Condition Improvement Fund monies, from the Department of Education, for stripping out redundant services to the vacated kitchen and fire safety works

We will be continuing our efforts to raise further monies from grant funding opportunities, and we’re off on a strong footing, however, to paraphrase Oliver “we need some more” ….

Crowdfunding is a great way to come together to raise funds. We can also claim Gift Aid to boost donations by 25%. No gift is too little: small action x lots of people = big change!

A key part of Crowdfunding is getting the message out via all our networks.  Please help us to make this possible by donating and then passing on our appeal details via your own social media network and connections, to help spread news of our campaign.

Remember, your 'change' can make a change!

2019 Year 11 feedback " We have always found the Drama Studio small and have had to negotiate the space carefully. If we were lucky enough to have state of the art facilities, more space and better lighting we could be more creative and produce better performances"

To donate, please click on the DONATE button. You will have the choice of making a one-off donation or a regular monthly gift to the school.

We thank you for your support and please be assured your contribution will be used for the best possible outcomes for our students.

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