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donations last month : £ 193.75

regular donators : 7

total raised
£ 11,253.75

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Dogmersfield School Association are excited to be launching our second crowd funding campaign after the massive success of our first one, raising money for furniture.

Our next challenge is to raise enough money to get 20 IPads, a charging unit and set up. I'm waiting on a more accurate costing but, but I believe we are looking at a total of £15,000.
This sounds like a lot but with you wonderful lot supporting us, I am confident that we can get this amount by this time next year!

Please read this piece written by Mrs. Mweti to explain why.
The school wish to expand our current stock of iPads. At the moment, we have 12, which means we don't yet have a set for a class to use. Ideally, we would like 32 - so either each class can permanently have 5 or we have a full class set which can move around the school.
We hope you have seen some of the ways the children can use iPads to record their learning through the use of Seesaw, and having more Ipads would mean we could continue to share their learning journey with you and allow you to have a window into the classroom. We also believe that developing the children's digital literacy skills is of growing importance in an increasingly digital world. Ipads provide the children with a whole new range of ways to express themselves creatively (StopMotion, iMovie, Toontastic, Comic Life), publish and share their written work more easily (Keynote, Explain Everything, Book Creator), research topics independently (Google, Kidrex, Epic!), and collaborate on projects in real time (Google Suites for Education).
At Dogmersfield, we place high emphasis on developing the children's handwriting and presentation skills and this is something that will not be compromised. We want to enhance this experience, rather than replace it.
I am aware it is a MASSIVE ask but then so have all of our fundraising campaigns! Our school community is AMAZING and I know we can do this!

So, if you haven't been able to support any of this year's events please consider making a one off or regular donation through Donate to my School. Donations don't have to be massive, everything helps and we are so grateful for every single donation. So many families have already made donations and we have a number of families making regular, monthly donations. Imagine the amount we could raise if every family gave a couple of pounds each month!

So why crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a great way to bring people together to put funds into the same pot whilst encouraging others to do the same.

The larger the group or ‘crowd’ formed, the more money we raise so the key to any crowdfunding appeal is getting the message out there via all of our networks.

Please help us to make this possible by donating as much as you can and please pass on the appeal details on your own social media network to family, friends and your other contacts to help spread our message. Every single donation helps.

To set up a regular donation, please click on the DONATE button. You can choose how much to donate each month and, where applicable, we can claim the Gift Aid, boosting each one by 25%!

If you prefer, you can also choose to make a one-off donation, it all adds up.

Thank you for your support. It really will make a difference!

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