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Supporting our families in need during Covid 19

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Chestnut Grove Academy is a medium-sized secondary school in Balham with a large number of students who receive Free School Meals and those with special educational needs. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and unwavering determination to support every single member of our Creative Learning Community. At the beginning of the lockdown, our parents' association raised money to provide laptops for students who otherwise couldn't access our online curriculum - all laptops were delivered by our teachers on pushbikes!

At the moment, we are facing an unparalleled challenge: a large number of our families are in need of urgent help and, in the unbreakable spirit of Chestnut Grove solidarity and compassion, we are stepping up to respond to this growing need - calling on all of you who would like to join us in our resolve to not allow children to experience hunger, sanitary poverty or be left without access to our remote curriculum. Whilst upholding necessary physical isolation, we want to maintain our sense of community and avoid a feeling of total isolation.

The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for a large number of our families: a vast number have lost their solvency due to the closure of their workplaces or reduction of income, whilst low-income families have been plunged to new, extremely worrying depths of financial struggle. In an instant, our students have been shut out of the busy classrooms, bustling sports grounds and our lively canteen into a world of isolation and, in an increasing number of cases, a world of extreme poverty and resulting tensions within the family home.

We are looking to raise funds which will enable us to:

 - provide food vouchers and purchase other essentials, such as toiletries, for families who are unable to access the support from the Government or need urgent help whilst waiting for this support to reach them.

- provide internet access for families unable to fund it themselves. Should there be any surplus, we will use it as a hardship fund for our disadvantaged students.

All support will be remotely delivered by our teachers and tutors, who know the families well and who have closely liaised with them in supporting our students since they joined Chestnut Grove. All donations will be delivered and packaged with smiles, words of reassurance and a sense of togetherness during what can otherwise be a solitary and isolating time.

Thanking you in advance for your valued support.

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