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Fundraising Campaign

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Worthing, BN12 5AF
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Can you help us raise £3000 to support our students, their families and the local community?

As a school community we are aware of the challenges brought about by Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the huge impact it is having on many families.

In early May we launched our 2.6 Challenge and invited all students and staff to take part. The aim of the challenge is to raise funds, which will be used to support our families and local charities. This is already growing into something very special and we are on target to smash our initial goal of £3,000. Highlights and successes so far include;

Ethan Buckman (Year 9) completing a series of physical challenges, including a 26km cycle, 2.6k run, 2,600 basketball shots and 26 minutes of skipping, so far he has raised almost £200!

Shay Wheeler (Year 7) cycling 26 miles on an exercise bike, raising £107!

Mr Sloggett running a marathon around his local area, raising over £500 for Worthing Hospital

Mrs Benson baking 26 cakes, raising over £600 for Chestnut Tree Hospice

Mr Clarke aiming to complete 26,000 press ups over the next few weeks, also fundraising for Chestnut Tree Hospice

On Saturday, 16th May many of our students are taking part in the ‘Little Big Sleep Out’ to raise funds for Stonepillow, a charity who support homeless and vulnerable people.

Our next fundraising event involves 10 members of school staff having their head shaved to a grade 2.6 in order to show solidarity and create a ‘Full Metal Jacket’ style funny video that will be shared with the community. Some staff are raising funds for this appeal and others are donating to charities, including St Barnabas House, who do amazing working supporting people in the local community.

Why do we need to do more?

Financially, some of our families are really struggling and are unable to currently provide what their family needs because of being unable to work or needing to care for someone else. We would like to raise funds to support our families who are in the greatest need by;

Continuing to provide food parcels for families who are struggling

Pay for counselling to support those students who have lost loved ones during this crisis

Purchase of other resources to enable our students to maintain their well-being and learning whilst at home and when they return to school.

Send gratitude parcels to front line workers

If you feel able to make a contribution, it would be greatly appreciated.

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