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Will you support our students to improve their literacy and gain confidence learning?

Bluecoat Primary Academy offers a caring, nurturing and secure environment that enables everyone to strive to be the best that they can be.  We share a life-long love of learning and recognise that students and staff alike are on a journey of personal development.

In doing this we are highly committed to developing students’ literacy skills both in and outside of the classroom.  Especially at such a young age.  However, many of our students have learnt English as an additional language and a small proportion of them receive targeted support to help them access the curriculum.  Moreover, a number of our students have a variety of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and so may not be able to independently access reading materials in the classroom or at home.

We want to empower all our students to develop a love of reading and have full access to the breadth of their curriculum.  Therefore we wish to invest in a number of reader pens to support students who would benefit from reading assistance.  These reader pens scan words and sentences to verbally read them back to students, either out loud or using headphones, and can access dictionary definitions of over 216,000 words and phrases to help students understand the meaning of words as well as how they sound.  The pens provide students with access to reading materials that they would otherwise find difficult to understand, giving them the opportunity to work more independently and gain confidence in their own abilities.

Academic research has found that these pens improve students’ reading comprehension, encourage a more positive attitude to learning, and promote higher emotional well-being and confidence with reading both with and without the pens.  Our own in-house research complements these findings, showing that the pens improve students’ reading accuracy and comprehension.  We have also found that as students grow in confidence using the pens, they become less reliant on support staff, meaning that staff can focus on the students who require the most support.  We are keen to spread this positive impact across all our students with reading difficulties, so that they can take ownership of their literacy development both in school and at home.

If you wish to partner with us as we empower our students’ literacy development, your contributions are very welcome and much appreciated!

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