Unleash your “Fundraising Army”!

We’re going one step further in helping schools enhance their fundraising capabilities. DonateMySchool is proud to announce an exciting new initiative within the sphere of school fundraising.


Now, within each live campaign on our website, anybody can create their own fundraising campaign to collect donations towards their schools’ target. So, if pupils, parents, teachers or anyone wish to enter a Fun Run, they can have their own mini-campaign page to raise donations from their own group of friends. These donations automatically roll into the main campaign, helping their chosen school hit its fundraising goals.

“We’re delighted to harness the entire school’s supporters by allowing them to have their own fundraising page. Their pages can have pictures, video’s and personal messages about why they are supporting their school with their chosen challenge.

We were inspired by Europa School in Abingdon, a state funded language school, which desperately needed substantial funds to build a new language lab classroom.  The school organised pupils to take part in ‘laps of the playground’ in a Fun Run and generated a massive £12,000 in sponsorship which went towards their £40,000 target.

So, in response, we have developed this welcome add-on and added a “Raise Sponsorship” button to every school’s live campaign page. In fact, anybody can raise funds for any UK school by simply clicking on https://donatemyschool.com/raise-funds,” says Michael Cordell, Director of DonateMySchool.

Asking friends and family for sponsorship money used to mean collecting cash and keeping it safe. Now all the donations go straight to your school – and where applicable, we even collect Gift Aid, adding 25p to every £1 donated. Our automated system saves your school a time-consuming administration process with HMRC.

The Fundraising Army

Presently in the UK we have an estimated 30 million parents and dependent children. Whether you’re running your local half-marathon or getting the kids together for a fun-run in the park, now everyone and anyone can join in and help their preferred school to reach its campaign target.

Whichever challenge you choose from – swimming, jogging, cycling, wellie boot throwing to a team row on the Ergo rowing machine for 24 hours – all can now be expertly presented with increased sponsorship potential. We’ve even added an optional ‘leader board’ for the super competitive amongst you so that you can see how well everyone is doing in helping the school to reach their target. There’s even a podium place for the top three fundraisers!

Find your school here and unleash your school’s fundraising army now.


If your school’s campaign is not with us yet, please start today at