Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, Hampshire



‘Having read about the large donations some parents were making to their children’s universities, we realised that if any of our parents wanted to make a donation to the school there wasn’t a way to do this. The fees for DonateMySchool were competitive and clear, and the free trial period gave us the chance to see how well the campaign would work.

We chose two projects for our first round of fundraising: the re-siting and planting of our memorial garden, and replacement PCs for our IT rooms, with the aim of raising a total of £15,600.

On the day the campaign went live, I put a notice on our website, and that evening our first donation of £250 appeared. After ten days the tally was around £2,500, and now it’s over £8,000, with eleven people signed up to donate regularly.

We’re really pleased with how well this has gone so far. We’ve used a variety of methods to contact people – letters to parents, notices on the website, Facebook and Twitter, and we are posting regular updates this way, too. We are also in the process of contacting local companies. We will flag up the campaign to Year 11 parents as their children leave school, and to Year 6 parents when they attend an information meeting in July.

DonateMySchool have been very helpful throughout, always available to help when we have any queries.’

Hannah Hutton, website manager, Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, Hampshire (1,250 pupils)