‘Parents asked to pay for teachers’ salaries and school repairs’ is headline news in today’s Times (March 5, 2019).

The article goes on to talk about the funding crisis in terms of an ‘investigation’ into schools and how they are raising funds from parents to pay for all manner of necessary and desired items.

My only surprise here is that it comes as any surprise that schools have turned to parents and indeed the wider community to help them raise funds!

And more to the point, that such fundraising should be revealed in an ‘investigative report’ is slightly bemusing. Schools in my experience are blatantly transparent and explicit about their desperate need for funding. They also – crucially – understand the need to be positive about fundraising whatever their politics!

DonateMySchool has been set up to harness the power of crowdfunding to help state schools in dire need of a new way to fundraise.

We find that schools are signing up daily not only for one-off crowdfunding appeals but also to set up regular giving campaigns which ask parents to give a set amount per month to help finance fundraising projects at the school.

Currently on our site, we are raising money for projects including replacing old computers, renovating and revamping classrooms, creating an outdoor classroom, replacing old play equipment and many more.

Schools today in the grip of one of the greatest funding crises in education in decades understand that they need to appeal to parents and the wider community to help them provide the facilities and equipment their children need to benefit fully from their education.

Heads and senior leaders have accepted that they only just have enough money for the basics and that they need to fundraise for anything over and above this. There has been a cultural shift in thinking and state school parents are beginning to embrace a culture of giving that has until now only been seen in the Independent sector

Whether it is acceptable for schools to have to fundraise at all is probably for discussion in another forum. I have no wish to make any political points. But, with a need clearly there, crowdfunding is an ideal way to fundraise because it plays to today’s society and our reliance on the online world. What better than creating some engaging content and asking others to share it with their own networks and asking them to donate if they can? The right content can have an astonishing knock-on ripple effect for a crowdfunding campaign with attendant financial success!

Schools are not simply going ‘cap in hand’ to parents for money but they are looking at innovative ways to make that ‘ask’ and ways which can involve everyone – from those parents who want to help but can only give a few pounds – to big businesses who might be able to dig a little deeper.

Any by asking parents to make a regular donation to help their children’s school, it is encouraging them to really invest in the school community and appreciate just how much our schools are doing for our children already with the very limited budgets they have. And that can only be a good thing! Positivity and awareness are indeed the keys to crowdfunding success.

Whatever your school needs to raise funds for, why not make the first step now!

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