Crowdfunding inspiration through regular giving

Regular giving

Wouldn’t it wonderful if you could get parents and friends of the school to set up a regular payment straight into your school’s bank account to boost funds? You could then budget ahead for those extra things that make a big difference to your pupils’ educational experience.

Standing orders and direct debits can be a bit of a minefield for schools. Apart from the need to manage them, reconcile bank accounts, obtain Gift Aid declarations and file your monthly Gift Aid claim, you need to consider the Department for Education guidelines[1] on Fundraising in state schools. With DonateMySchool you can avoid all these issues by setting up a regular giving campaign.

Keeping it straight

Of course, government provides for state education and it needs to take care the provision is equal across the board. What DonateMySchool can do is help you fund those inspirational projects that enrich the life of your school, its pupils and staff. Its regular giving service manages the payments, recovers Gift Aid from HMRC and helps you get the best facilities and equipment possible.

The power of crowdfunding

Asking parents and friends to donate an amount to a single campaign can bring big rewards. Single campaigns give focus to fundraising activities, helping to raise awareness and encourage generosity.

With regular giving, you can build on that generosity by asking parents and friends to give regular donations to keep the momentum going and help you manage your budgets over a longer period. is the only dedicated crowdfunding platform for schools. It has the facility to receive regular giving contributions, which means your school can establish a wish list for donors to give to for as long they want.

A monthly donation of £16 (which works out at about 50p per day) gets £192 per year into your school’s coffers. Add to that Gift Aid, and the figure hits £240. That’s a new laptop. A campaign that raises 50p per day per pupil and, for a school with 500 pupils, you’re talking £120,000 per year.

More funds, less to do

On top of bringing in money for those inspirational projects you have in mind, once the campaign is underway, DonateMySchool looks after the administration and the bookkeeping. will be with you every step of the way, from the pre-launch announcements through to the ‘thank-you’ celebrations.

Multiple crowdfunding ideas

The result of your donors signing up for regular giving means that your school can budget more effectively across a much wider range of campaigns, hitting one target, then moving on to the next.

A one-off project buying a classroom the textbooks it needs is worthy of praise. But a regular giving campaign could transform the opportunities you offer your pupils.

Register with now and make your school’s ambitions a reality.

[1] The Department for Education guidelines “Charging for school activities 2018” says, “When making requests for voluntary contributions, parents must not be made to feel pressurised into paying as it is voluntary and not compulsory. Schools should avoid sending colour coded letters to parents as a reminder to make payments and direct debit or standing order mandates should not be sent to parents when requesting contributions.