How to save time and get better results by engaging expert help

Fundraising for your school is obviously a great idea – but do you have the time to do it?

Working in or with a school, you’ll know that of the many resources you need, time is one of the most precious. No matter how big or small, a school is a fluid, ever-changing, dynamic hub of activity. From the classroom to the dining room, from the playground to extra-curricular activities (not to mention the work you do outside of school hours) it all takes up a lot of time.

What happens, then, when you need to find even more time to raise funds for your school? When the search, say, for new computers or for landscaping the grounds starts eating into the time you need to do your job well? You call in the experts.

The time-consuming task of fundraising

Organising an effective, high-profile fundraising campaign takes a lot of time and expertise.

You’ll need a dedicated webpage and this in turn will need pictures and video clips. You might want to set up links to your social media outlets and feeds to keep track of your campaign’s latest info. You’ll probably want physical leaflets and marketing materials. And you’ll want to consult someone who knows how to prepare and run successful marketing campaigns.

That’s a lot of work for an already over-burdened school. Thankfully, DonateMySchool can do all of this for you.

Free your time; free to register

Launching a fundraising campaign on the DonateMySchool website is free of charge. (Its costs are covered by taking a small percentage of funds raised.) There are no subscription fees, no additional processing fees and no charge for your community to make donations.

Best of all, you choose the service level you want – Basic or Premium.

Choose your service level

Both Basic and Premium Services give you a comprehensive toolkit to create and run a successful scheme or campaign. This includes a webpage, real-time tracking of donations, easy social media interconnectivity and a secure payment portal. Additionally, the Premium Service gives you access to a specialist team to help you along the way.


The Basic Service provides a secure platform to host your online crowdfunding appeal and collect donations. It costs just 3% of funds raised and includes:

  • A dedicated campaign webpage with a facility to upload photos and videos
  • Easy social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • A bespoke double-sided campaign leaflet to print off and distribute
  • Real-time tracking and reporting on your campaign’s progress
  • Access to guides on how prepare for and run a successful campaign

Premium Service

For schools with little or no time (or no previous knowledge) to run a fundraising campaign, the DonateMySchool Premium Service provides all the benefits of the Basic Service plus hands-on, bespoke assistance for a reasonable 5% of funds raised.

Making it easy for schools

Chris Rose, MD of DonateMySchool, explains: “We appreciate how busy school heads, teachers and administrators are. But a campaign can take as little as ten minutes to set up on our platform. Once it’s up and running, it’s provides significant time savings for schools, their business managers, or whoever is running the campaign.

“With our Premium Service, we work with schools to develop and refine their campaign message. We’ll help them create the campaign page and content, deliver a comprehensive communication strategy to the school and the wider community, and provide regular monitoring and advice throughout the campaign to help boost its success.”

Reducing the admin burden

One school that was happy to save time and admin is St Stephen’s Primary Church School in Bath. Karl Stringer, Chair of the Friends of St Stephen’s Primary Church School, said: “We’d crowdfunded previously, but this had been done manually through filling in forms and cheques. With online crowdfunding, this turned into a few simple clicks.”

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Support and advice on crowdfunding

Another success story is Engayne Primary School in Upminster. Nicky Wyman, assistant head at Engayne Primary School, said: “The team at DonateMySchool were very supportive and gave excellent advice for creating a funding platform to showcase our objectives both to the school and the wider community. Our fundraising page is a great example of their expertise and we are very proud of the results.”

Raising funds, saving time

Calthorpe Park School in Fleet couldn’t believe how quickly money started coming in. Hannah Hutton, website manager for Calthorpe Park School said: “I put a notice on the website and that evening our first donation of £250 appeared. After ten days the tally was around £2,500 and soon after that we were halfway to our £15,000 target.”

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So, if you love the idea of crowdfunding for your school but are struggling to find time to do it well, DonateMySchool can help you with everything and, more importantly, make sure that time is on your side.

Register now, without obligation, and see how quickly your funds can grow.