How it Works




A low-cost way to get regular and one-off donations.

At DonateMySchool we think that all schools should have the opportunity to raise funds for inspirational projects, new facilities and even staff. We enable your parents and the school community to make one-off or regular donations through the UK’s only dedicated crowdfunding platform for state schools.




1. Register

It’s free and easy.

2. Tell us about your school

Provide details about your school and your fundraising campaign. Please include your charity number if possible – this helps us to claim Gift Aid on your behalf and could boost the value of donations by 25%.

3. Market your funding request to the parents, alumni and wider school community

We create a dedicated web page and a bespoke leaflet for your donation campaign. This includes specific information on any individual project and the amount you are looking to raise for it, or general information on how your school will use regular donations. You can easily keep track of how much has been raised at any time.

4: Accept one off or regular donations to your campaign

Our secure website allows us to sign-up parents and the school community to donate regularly, for example monthly, or to make a one-off contribution. We verify the identity of all donators so that you can have confidence in where the money is coming from.

4: We collect Gift Aid on your behalf

Our platform collects Gift Aid from HMRC where applicable, currently 25%.

5: Regular transfer of donations and Gift Aid directly to your bank account

If you are raising funds for a specific project then DonateMySchool will promptly transfer all donations at the successful completion of your campaign. If you are simply collecting regular on-going donations then these are transferred directly to your nominated bank account each month. In both cases, the amount transferred includes any Gift Aid received. All transfers will be subject to our competitive marketing fee of just 3% – and unlike some other donation platforms, there are no additional bank or legal charges to pay.

6: Keep informed

You receive a report each month so you can keep track of all donations and transfers to your school’s bank account.