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Thank you for supporting St Stephen's School PTFA. We raise funds through a programme of fun events and activities to enhance our children’s development, learning and enjoyment.

We also offer sponsorship through business and individuals.

How do we spend PTFA Funds?

Working closely with teaching staff and in line with the School Development Plan, we decide, as a group, how funds are spent. We divide funds into large projects (e.g. new playground equipment), smaller, day to day needs (e.g. school trips, library books, musical instruments, refurbishing classrooms) and fun items such as Christmas parties, construction toys, art materials, drama workshops and author visits. All Projects supplement, enhance and extend our core activities at St. Stephen’s.

We want to provide ongoing facilities, experiences and resources that exceed standard curriculum requirements, that give extra depth to their learning and consequently give our pupils a wider range of opportunities.

Shortly to be launched will be our new, highly ambitious project. A complete overhaul of the school’s ICT offering and its library. This project is entirely pupil led. When we talked to the pupils about which areas of learning they most wished to progress in, the unanimous answer was more access to modern IT facilities. After a consultation with governors and teachers we agreed that the ageing computers in the ICT suite need to be replaced. We are taking that opportunity to modernise the provision, making it mobile and bringing the IT into the classrooms rather than standalone, and giving us the opportunity with the space created to create a new enlarged library/learning space.

This means our IT lessons will be entirely mobile and can be moved from class to class.                       

This project is part of a wider mission, championed by Mr Bowman, to increase the size of our library by threefold and to move it into the room currently operating as our ICT suite. Upgrading this room into our new library will create a modern, flexible learning space where our children can enjoy reading, relax, be mindful and make use of multi-media learning opportunities.

For more information please contact the PTA at: or We would love to hear from you.

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