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" Our learners deserve the best and therefore creating enabling environments within our provision is vital for their well being"

Shelley Ribbon~Head of Provision

At Triple R (Rivermead's Routes for Reintegration), we are crowdfunding to raise funds for safe and comfortable breakout spaces for teenagers with mental health issues.


Many of our learners have been hospitalised after being sectioned and some are at risk of this happening. We want to bring happiness and calm back into the lives of these young people and one of the ways we want to do this is by providing physical spaces for them to relax and feel safe in as a first step.

Our learners told us at a recent ‘School Government’ meeting that they would like breakout areas which are ‘colourful and comfortable and with sensory equipment injected into it’.

Providing environments like this might seem simplistic when dealing with teenagers with complex problems but relaxing and safe spaces really help to lay the foundation stones for moving forwards and helping the teenagers to start to build resilience.

We are relying on our community and their friends and family and beyond to get behind our crowdfunding campaign, donate and spread the word!

Your financial support will help us provide these inviting spaces for our learners to regain this resilience, concentrate on their educational and emotional needs and simply chill out in. Any amount, however small would be very much appreciated.


Please go ahead and make a donation and then spread the word on your own social media channels. It will make a huge difference to the recovery of teenagers in need.

To make a one-off or to set up a regular monthly donation, please click on the DONATE button at the top right of this page.

Thank you in advance!

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