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Abingdon, OX14 3DZ
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UPDATE: Europa PTA have made a generous pledge and this coupled with an allocation from the Autumn Budget for capital projects has added £22,000 to our total!


Here at The Europa School UK in Oxfordshire, we are totally unique: both a UK state school and an accredited European School. Pupils are totally immersed in another language, either French, Spanish or German, alongside English, as they learn.

From age 4-18, they follow the European curriculum, culminating in the highly respected European Baccalaureate. In Primary, half the week is taught through English and half taught through French, German or Spanish. In Secondary, History and Geography are studied in a second language.

Our stream language teachers develop significant expertise in teaching language by immersion, something that is rare, if not unique in UK education.

This approach means we have become more popular than ever and we now urgently need to create more space for our growing intake - and more room to teach languages - so we are launching this campaign to raise £40k to create a new classroom space.

Our school campus is a superb greenfield site in the village of Culham on the edge of Abingdon which was previously occupied by Culham College and, up to 2017, by the European School. Although we have enough classrooms for the current school population, we need to start an internal restructuring programme to meet our future needs.

We plan to do this by raising our target amount as soon as possible so we can remodel two small classrooms into one large room over the summer. We can then launch the new facility in September at the start of the new academic year.

As with all state schools managing on a slimline budget, we need to seek help from our parents, supporters and wider community for major projects like this which will enable us to keep on providing our amazing, immersive education which is so beneficial to our pupils and future pupils.

Current estimates are that we will need £35k for building costs including materials, relocation of services and labour and £5k for furniture, fittings and equipment. All the work will be subject to tender to ensure the best value.

Crowdfunding relies on building as large a ‘crowd’ as possible to support our project so please help us by sharing this appeal on your own social networks and by donating as much as you can. Every donation helps. Thank you!

To make a one-off or to set up a regular monthly donation, please click on the DONATE button at the top right of this page.

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