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Calthorpe Park School in Fleet is launching a crowdfunding appeal to raise funds for two vital projects: replacing our school IT equipment and re-planting and renovating our Memorial Garden.

We urgently need to raise £15,000 to replace our current school PCs, which are not only ageing rapidly but are unable to support more modern software applications. The funds raised will enable us to buy newer, faster computers for our pupils and will allow us to migrate to Windows 10, as our current operating system will cease to be supported imminently.

Furthermore, we would very much like to raise an additional £600 to re-plant our Memorial Garden that had to be re-sited as a result of our previous phase of school expansion. The garden was originally planted in memory of Thalia Smyrniadis and Sue Farley, who lost their lives during a school trip as a result of tragic coach accident. The garden was initially created as a result of generous donations received from the local community in the wake of the horrific crash. It has served as a place of calm and tranquillity for students as well as a place of commemoration for all students and staff who have subsequently lost their lives. The 30 year anniversary of the death of Thalia and Sue is approaching rapidly and we believe it is timely to recreate our Memorial Garden. 

The design for the new garden has been formulated by two of our Calthorpe Park School Association (CPSA) members, Lindsay Watson and Kate Braddon, with advice from Rosy Hardy of Hardy's Cottage Plants.

Lindsay and Kate have already made a start on the garden, and we now need to raise funds to buy plants and seating to make the area a reflective and peaceful place.

Crowdfunding is a great way to hit a fundraising target through a group of people all coming together to put funds in to the same pot and encouraging others to do the same. We can also claim Gift Aid to boost donations by 25%!

The larger the group or ‘crowd’ formed, the more money we raise so the key to any crowdfunding appeal is getting the message out there via all of our networks.

Please help us to make this possible by donating as much as you can and also pass on the appeal details via your own social media network to help spread our message. Thank you!

To donate, please click on the DONATE button here. You will have a choice of making a one-off donation or a regular monthly gift to the school.

Please note that whilst DonateMySchool does not charge you a payment processing fee, if you use a credit card your payment may be treated as a cash transaction by the card issuer and fees charged accordingly.  A debit card is recommended to save you extra charges.

Thank you, we really appreciate your support for the young people at Calthorpe Park School.

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