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Bradford on Avon



St Laurence School is a thriving secondary school located in the market town of Bradford on Avon near Bath. Our reputation for academic achievement and success has seen demand for places and our student numbers increase, year on year.

We are now looking to extend and modernise our classroom facilities to ensure that we continue to be able to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.

Our immediate aim is to raise money to fund the replacement of our outdated science facilities currently housed in temporary buildings, and replace with state of the art laboratories.  We will have four new classrooms three of which will be new laboratories.

Our goal is to raise at least £60,000, which will provide us with the adequate funding to afford the necessary equipment and apparatus required to deliver three fully functioning laboratories ready for the academic year 2019-2020.

Realising this goal would allow us to make a significant difference to our important educational goal, providing our students with the facilities that advance learning and enquiry.

We will commence building the new extension to the current building in March 2019 with a completion date of November 2019.

How will we recognise donators?

All Donators will be recognised with your family, company name printed on a Gudgeon metal token and added to the donor recognition wall within the new science building.

The Gudgeon is a fish and two feature as part of the school logo and links with the Gudgeon on the Bradford-on-Avon weather vane, which dates back to the 17th Century.

Tier 1 - Bronze Gudgeon - Donation of up to £500

Tier 2 - Silver Gudgeon  Donations from £500 - £2000

Tier 3 - Gold Gudgeon Donations from £2000 - £10,000

Any Single Donation of Over £10,000 will be invited to name a Laboratory with an agreed, appropriate title.

Please contact Lorna Lumb the Director of Finance and Operations to discuss further on 01225 309500.

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