Quad Refurbishment

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As a small rural Herefordshire secondary school, we often find ourselves at the back of the line when it comes to investment. That said, we always try to enhance the environment we offer to our children in order to give them the best possible experience we can with our very limited resources.


Accordingly, we would like to develop our internal quad area so that it can perform many functions. We believe we can turn this fully enclosed area of approximately 100sqm in to a much more inviting and vibrant area. Currently it serves no purpose.      

However, we would like to build a lean-to greenhouse with raised beds for the growing of vegetables, a pond area for wildlife population that science could utilise, and an area for small animals including chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and similar. We would use these to develop PSHE so that students understand animal care and equally use them for students to look after and improve their mental health and well-being. 

We will also invite local primary students to get involved. We intend to decorate the area with top to toe masonry paint and murals, lay slabs to the outer area for ease of access, and turn the inner square to provide a grassed area for the animals to use.  

Our students will help in planning and building some parts of the refurbishment, especially our KS4 construction students. This will also give them the opportunity to develop their skills on a real project and help instil pride in them on a job well done.

This area could be so much more than it is, and yet we find that a lack of funding means we have to prioritise on mending the things that need mending. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to ask for your help to fund this project, we sincerely believe it would have a significant positive impact on a substantial number of our students.


To make a donation now, please follow the link on our campaign page – any help is appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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